The above GUI was automatically generated by a file containing:

npass=  200     nwarm=  20      nblks=  20      seed=   -234567
T=      1.23    H=      0.00    J=      1.00
dim=    2       lattice=        square  pbc=    1
nx=     4       ny=     4
logfile= Outer

That's all!

  • Increment and Loop over any batch job parameter by pointing and clicking.
  • Generates collection of input "data sets" for each input data instance.
  • Generates driver script for use in running the data sets on local or remote (rsh) machines.
  • Lets you hand edit data set input files or driver script if needed.
  • GUI to send source files and compile on remote machine before batch jobs are begun.
  • Test remote machine connection before submitting, receive Email upon completion of jobs.
  • And more!

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